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October 13, 2023 (Friday) - Project 1

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Computer Simulations in Physics

How to get a grade

During the semester, you will receive three grades, one for each of your project reports and one for your presentation. Your final grade will be determined as the average of these three grades. (No further examination will be held in the exam period.) Detailed requirements can be found here.

Schedule for 2023/24 Fall semester

During the semester, both online and in person consultation is available upon request. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!


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Submission requirements

Details on requirements and grading can be found here.

Short description

  • Introduction (most important equations, figures)
  • Background, broader context
  • Motivation (why you chose the topic)
  • Proposed solution (methods and tools you will need)
  • Obstacles (potentional difficulties)
  • Expected results, hypothesis
  • About 1-page long
  • Upload as PDF to Kooplex

Project report

  • Introduction with motivation and theoretical background
  • Methods
  • Results, emphasizing your own contribution
  • Discussion, Conclusion
  • Format (scientific language!)
  • Figures (easily understandable, asthetic figures with legends)
  • References
  • Upload as PDF to Kooplex, with additional code files
  • Grades decay after deadline


  • 10-minute long!
  • prepared in English (if possible)
  • appropriate slides
  • about both projects
  • concise
  • special emphasis on own contribution
  • questions about submissions and course material

Submission examples

Feedback and grades

Results of submissions and detailed feedback can be found here.